Best Rock Pokemon: Fire Red/Leaf Green

The best Rock Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green for Game Boy Advance is Rhydon

Other good Rock type options in these games are Golem, Tyranitar, Kabutops and Aerodactyl. Each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Read on below to find out more (including base stats and best movesets).

The best Rock Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green

It was a tight run thing between Rhydon and Golem but, for us, Rhydon comes out on top as the best Rock type Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green


Screenshot of Rhyhorn evolving into the best rock pokemon in fire red leaf green Rhydon

Rhydon is known as the ‘Drill Pokemon’ (it can punch holes through boulders with its horn) and looks like a sort of prehistoric unicorn bear-lizard. Very cool.

It has huge attack and defense stats plus the Rock Head ability that makes recoil moves super effective.

Rhydon base stats (Fire Red/Leaf Green)

Rhydon’s base stat total is 485:

  • HP: 105
  • Attack: 130
  • Defense: 120
  • Sp. Attack: 45
  • Sp. Defense: 45
  • Speed: 40

With beneficial nature plus EVs and IVs, Rhydon’s max base stat total at level 100 is 1790.

Best Rhydon Fire Red/Leaf Green moveset

Rhydon is a dual Ground/Rock type which means Earthquake benefits from a same type attack bonus (STAB). With 100 accuracy and 100 power coupled with Rhydon’s 130 attack stat, Earthquake will win you plenty of battles.

Double-Edge is another no-brainer for Rhydon as its Rock Head ability means it takes no damage and its hidden ability, Reckless, means moves causing recoil are powered up.

STAB Rock Slide is a useful move for Rhydon that can be learned via breeding (it’s the strongest Rock type move).

I would round off the moveset with another ultra powerful move like Megahorn which is super effective against Ghost and Psychic, as well as giving Rhydon something to battle a strong Grass type Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green.

What is Rhydon strong against?

Rhydon’s outrageous defense stat means it will essentially wall anything that doesn’t have a strong special attack

Electric type Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green will do absolutely nothing to Rhydon and they will be crushed by strong Ground type moves like Earthquake. 

Rock moves are super effective against Fire, Ice, Flying and Bug, so Pokemon of those types will also really struggle against Rhydon.

What is Rhydon weak against?

While Rhydon has a super high attack stat, it does have comparatively low speed, even when compared to other Rock type Pokemon

That leaves it vulnerable to fast Pokemon, especially if they have a high special attack stat and strong special moves as Rhydon’s special defense is also poor. 

The main weakness for Rhydon is its x4 weakness versus Water and Grass type opponents.

Where to find Rhydon in Fire Red/Leaf Green

To get a Rhydon in Fire Red or Leaf Green you will need to catch a Rhyhorn and evolve it into Rhydon (at level 42). 

Rhyhorns can be found in the Safari Zone in Fuschia City.

Other strong Rock Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green

Rhydon is a tank in Fire Red/Leaf Green, but it is not the only good Rock type option for your team. 


Screenshot of Graveler evolving into Golem fire red

Golem is the ‘Megaton Pokemon’. Only Onix and Cloyster have a higher defense stat than Golem and neither of those come anywhere close to Golem’s chunky 120 attack

It has the Rock Head ability and cannot be one hit KO’d thanks to its Sturdy ability.

Golem base stats (Fire Red/Leaf Green)

Golem’s base stat total is 495:

  • HP: 80
  • Attack: 120
  • Defense: 130
  • Sp. Attack: 55
  • Sp. Defense: 65
  • Speed: 45

With beneficial nature plus EVs and IVs, Golem’s max base stat total at level 100 is 1817.

Best Golem Fire Red/Leaf Green moveset

Many of the moves that work well for Rhydon also work well as part of an effective Golem moveset.

Earthquake and Rock Slide with STAB benefits are therefore must-haves. Double Edge is also an effective move for a Golem with the Rock Head ability that means no recoil damage is suffered. 

Golem can learn Explosion from a Move Tutor at Mt Ember in Fire/Leaf Green which will cause Golem to self-destruct while also dealing 250 damage.

Explosion is a great weapon to use against opponents that Golem is otherwise weak against (especially given that Golem’s Sturdy ability means it won’t suffer a one hit KO).

What is Golem strong against?

Normal types are not particularly effective against Golem thanks to its outrageous defense stat, so any Pokemon with low special attack will not be useful against it.

It is slightly weaker than Rhydon and with a lower HP, but Golem does have access to a relatively wide move pool. Moves like Explosion, for example, deal incredible damage. 

What is Golem weak against?

Golem has a better special defense stat than Rhydon, but it’s still not great so special sweepers will still be quite effective against Golem (especially when you also take into account the low speed stat). 

Strong special moves with STAB used by Grass and Water types are very bad news for Golem (like Rhydon, Golem suffers from a x4 weakness against these types). 

How to catch Golem in Fire Red/Leaf Green

Golem evolves from Graveler, which itself evolves from Geodude. You can find Geodude very early on in the game (for example in Mt Moon). So far, so good.

However, Graveler will not evolve into Golem through leveling up alone. Instead, just like with Kadabra/Alakazam, you will have to trade Graveler in order for it to evolve into Golem.  


Screenshot of Pupitar evolving into Tyranitar Fire Red

Tyranitar is known as the ‘Armor Pokemon’. It’s the Rock Pokemon with the highest attack stat on this list, clocking in at 134. 

Tyranitar’s Sand Stream ability allows it to whip up a sandstorm in battle which can cause some handy effects (Rock type Pokemon do not take damage during a sandstorm).

Tyranitar base stats (Fire Red/Leaf Green)

Tyranitar’s base stat total is 600:

  • HP: 100
  • Attack: 134
  • Defense: 110
  • Sp. Attack: 95
  • Sp. Defense: 100
  • Speed: 61

With beneficial nature plus EVs and IVs, Tyranitar’s max base stat total at level 100 is 2045.

Best Tyranitar Fire Red/Leaf Green moveset

Any Tyranitar moveset should focus on its incredible attack and avoid taking up space with special category moves. 

The only exception to that would be Crunch, a Dark move that’s categorized as special in Generations 2 and 3. 

Tyranitar learns Crunch by level up (as it is a dual Dark/Rock type) and including it in your moveset would provide some firepower against Physic and Ghost types.

With Rock Type STAB, Rock Slide is an easy choice and Iron Tail is another strong physical category move that produces good results against Ice, Rock and Fairy types.

Tyranitar also has access to Earthquake. Even without STAB, Earthquake is a great move to use with Tyranitar given it deals 100 damage with 100 accuracy and Tyranitar has a crazy high attack stat.

What is Tyranitar strong against?

With its huge attack stat and access to a suite of high-damage physical moves, Tyranitar will take out most Pokemon with low or even mediocre defense stats.

Rock types like Tyranitar will have a field day against Fire, Ice, Flying or Bug opponents.

Crunch – a dark type move which no other Pokemon on this list has access to other than Rhydon via breeding – will be effective against Psychic and Ghost Pokemon,

What is Tyranitar weak against?

Tyranitar doesn’t suffer from a x4 weakness against Water and Grass like Rhydon and Golem do, but these types are nevertheless still super effective against it. 

Fighting, Ground and Steel type moves will hurt Tyranitar, as will Bug and Fairy given that Tyranitar is Dark type as well as Rock.

How to catch Tyranitar in Fire Red/Leaf Green

Tyranitar evolves from Pupitar at level 55, which itself evolves from Larvitar at level 30. 

You can find a Larvitar in Sevault Canyon on Seven Island. You’ll need the Rainbow Pass to get here and you’ll also need some patience as Larvitar only has a 5% encounter rate.


Screenshot of Kabuto evolving into Kabutops Fire Red

Kabutops is the ‘Shellfish Pokemon’ but it could just as easily moonlight as the ‘Praying Mantis’ Pokemon with its big sickle-like upper limbs.

The Battle Armor ability protects Kabutops against critical hits.

Kabutops base stats (Fire Red/Leaf Green)

Kabutops’ base stat total is 495:

  • HP: 60
  • Attack: 115
  • Defense: 105
  • Sp. Attack: 65
  • Sp. Defense: 70
  • Speed: 80

With beneficial nature plus EVs and IVs, Kabutops’ max base stat total at level 100 is 1821.

Best Kabutops Fire Red/Leaf Green moveset

A couple of useful moves available to Kabutops that no other Pokemon on this list has access to are Endure and Flail.

Kabutops learns Endure by level up at level 37. This move allows Kabutops to survive any attacks during that turn with at least 1 HP. It has a high priority so usually activates before other moves. 

Using Flail in combination with Endure can be extremely effective. That’s because Flail deals more damage the lower the user’s HP is. 

For example, it deals 200 damage if Kabutops’ has less than 4% of its HP left.

Rock Slide is always a good option with STAB, although bear in mind that Kabutops’ special attack is quite low.

You should also consider including Swords Dance (learned by Move Tutor) in your moveset to raise Kabutops’ attack by two stages.

What is Kabutops strong against?

Kabutops has fairly good speed for a Rock type Pokemon and it will be strong against Pokemon with lower defense stats.

The potentially high damage move Endure is Normal type so will be useful against all other types except for Rock, Steel and Ghost. 

Kabutops’ Rock type moves will be especially effective against Ice, Flying, Bug, and Fire Pokemon

What is Kabutops weak against?

Kabutops is a dual Water/Rock type but water moves aren’t going to be that effective due to Kabutops’ relatively low special attack stat.

It has a x4 weakness against Grass type Pokemon and is also weak against Electric, Fighting and Ground.

How to catch Kabutops in Fire Red/Leaf Green

Kabutops evolves from Kabuto at level 40. To get a Kabuto, you’ll need to find the Dome fossil in Mt Moon

Take that fossil to the Pokemon Laboratory on Cinnabar Island. Walk down the corridor to the right and enter the final room. 

Speak to the scientist in the far corner of the room. Give him your Dome Fossil when prompted and he’ll take it for a spin in his Resurrection Machine

Walk out of the room, then walk straight back in and talk to the scientist again. He’ll present you with a level 5 Kabuto


Screenshot of Aerodactyl summary in Pokemon Fire Red for GBA

Aerodactyl is a prehistoric Pokemon that has been resurrected using Pokemon DNA taken from a chunk of amber. 

It’s got a great base speed stat (130), which makes it uniquely and extremely useful among Rock types.. 

With its large fangs plus useful abilities like Pressure (raises the opponent’s PP usage) and Rock Head, it’s another Pokemon that can be very useful with the right moveset.

Aerodactyl base stats (Fire Red/Leaf Green)

Aerodactyl’s base stat total is 515:

  • HP: 80
  • Attack: 105
  • Defense: 65
  • Sp. Attack: 60
  • Sp. Defense: 75
  • Speed: 130

With beneficial nature plus EVs and IVs, Aerodactyl’s max base stat total at level 100 is 1861.

Best Aerodactyl Fire Red Moveset

In Fire Red/Leaf Green, you’ll definitely want to find the move tutor that can teach Rock Slide (near the Lavender exit of Rock Tunnel). It’s a high damage move that can cause the opponent to flinch (and is also boosted by STAB with Aerodactyl).

Earthquake is a Ground type move that Aerodactyl can learn by TM and is destructive against Rock, Electric and Steel types, which Flying Pokemon typically struggle against.

Two other moves I would probably go for to complete the moveset are Double Edge and Wing Attack

Double Edge is a super high damage move that usually inflicts one third damage on the Pokemon that uses it. However, Aerodactyl’s Rock Head ability means it isn’t affected by Recoil.

Wing Attack is worth having so that you have a STAB Flying move in the Aerodactyl arsenal.

What is Aerodactyl strong against?

Aerodactyl is a more than useful Flying type Pokemon as its Rock type means it can plow through Fire and Ice type Pokemon as well as being handy against the Grass, Fighting and Bug types that all Flying Pokemon excel against.

If you have Earthquake in your Aerodactyl moveset, you can also do some damage to Rock, Electric and Steel types, which is something that cannot often be said of Flying Pokemon.

What is Aerodactyl weak against?

Water and Ice are good types to go at Aerodactyl with. In the Elite 4, Lance has an Aerodactyl which will cut through most teams like butter. However, moves like Ice Beam used by strong Pokemon with STAB will be useful against it

Otherwise, the other standard Flying type weaknesses – Electric and Rock – are generally bad news for Aerodactyl. 

Another thing to point out is that Aerodactyl is only at level 5 when you obtain it in FireRed/LeafGreen, so it’s weak against pretty much everything until you’ve grinded a bit!

How to get Aerodactyl (Fire Red)

Aerodactyl is resurrected from Pokemon DNA found in a chunk of Amber. You will need Cut and Surf to obtain Aerodactyl. Read on below or check this walkthrough video.

  1. Head to Pewter City and enter the Pewter City Museum using the door on the right of the building (you’ll need Cut to access this).
  2. Walk straight ahead and talk to the scientist standing near the back wall.
  3. The scientist tells you that he thinks the chunk of amber beside him contains Pokemon DNA and asks you to help him confirm by taking the amber to a Pokemon lab.
  4. Once you’ve got the Old Amber, go to Cinnabar Island and enter the Cinnabar lab next door to the Poke Center.
  5. Head down the corridor to the right and enter the final doorway.
  6. Speak to the scientist standing in the top right corner of the room. He will use his Resurrection Machine to bring the Aerodactyl fossil in the amber back to life.
  7. The scientist says the process will take a little time and tells you to go for a walk (just exit the room and then walk straight back in).
  8. Talk to the scientist again and you’ll get a level 5 Aerodactyl

I also recommended Aerodactyl in my article on the best Flying type Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green.

The best Rock Pokemon: Fire Red/Leaf Green – Conclusion

I think the best Rock Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green are: 

  • Rhydon
  • Golem
  • Tyranitar
  • Kabutops
  • Aerodactyl

Rhydon, with its monstrous attack and defense stats, takes top spot, but Golem is a worthy alternative and each of the options above will bring something different to your team

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