Best Ground Pokemon: Fire Red/Leaf Green

The best Ground Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green is Nidoking.

Rhydon, Golem, Marowak and Dugtrio are also good Ground type options for these GBA remakes of the classic Game Boy Pokemon adventures.

We give you the lowdown on all five Rock Pokemon below, including their base stats and best movesets.

The best Ground Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green

While many others might pick dual Rock/Ground type Pokemon Rhydon and Golem as their Ground type go to, we think Nidoking is the best Ground type Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green.


Screenshot of Nidorino evolving into Nidoking in Pokemon Fire Red

Nidoking is known as the Drill Pokemon and is the final evolution of the male Nidoran (females evolve into Nidoqueen). 

Nidoking is a great all rounder and its Poison Point ability (user can poison the opponent via contact alone) is the cherry on top.

Nidoking base stats (Fire Red/Leaf Green)

Nidoking’s base stat total is 505:

  • HP: 81
  • Attack: 102
  • Defense: 77
  • Sp. Attack: 85
  • Sp. Defense: 75
  • Speed: 85

With beneficial nature plus EVs and IVs, Nidoking’s max base stat total at level 100 is 1840.

Best Nidoking Fire Red/Leaf Green moveset

You should almost certainly include ground move Earthquake in your Nidoking moveset, it deals a huge amount of damage and benefits from same type attack bonus (STAB). 

Megahorn is a useful addition to the Nidoking moveset as it is strong against Psychic type Pokemon (so Nidoking is still a strong option against Sabrina in the Saffron Gym despite its natural weakness to Psychic types).

Sticking with the tactic of varying the moveset because Nidoking is such a good all rounder, we can add a powerful Normal move like Thrash to the mix as well as a STAB boosted Sludgebomb.

What is Nidoking strong against?

One of Nidoking’s biggest advantages is the diversity of its move pool. It is able to learn an extensive list of moves via TM and HM and has access to a nice range of moves by level up, too. 

As a dual type Poison/Ground Pokemon it is super effective in Fire Red & Leaf Green against Grass type opponents as well as Fire, Rock, and Steel.

Other Poison type Pokemon will deal only ¼ damage and Electric type moves have no effect

Many other Ground Pokemon are also Rock type (like Rhydon and Golem) and so have a x4 weakness against Water and Grass.

The fact that Nidoking avoids this burden is another reason why he tops this list of the best Ground Pokemon. He’s also the best Poison type Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green.

What is Nidoking weak against?

While Nidoking does have access to a great range of different moves that make it a difficult opponent for most Pokemon, it does of course have natural type weaknesses.

Water, Ice, Ground, and Psychic type Pokemon are all super effective against Nidoking.

Where to find Nidoking in Fire Red/Leaf Green

Yet another reason for picking Nidoking as your go to Ground Pokemon option is that it is easy to obtain early on in the game

Nidoran can be found in the long grass along Route 3 between Pewter City and Mt Moon. You can also trade a female Nidoran for a male Nidoran with the NPC that stands at one end of the Underground Path.

Nidoran evolves into Nidorino, which can then be evolved immediately into Nidoking using a Moon Stone. This way, you can access the powerful final evolution really early on in the game.

Other strong Ground Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green

Nidoking might be my pick for the best Ground Pokemon in these games, but it’s not the only solid option. Read on below to find out which other Ground Pokemon are worth your time in FireRed and LeafGreen.


Screenshot of Ground type Pokemon Rhyhorn evolving into Rhydon in Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green

Rhydon is known as the ‘Drill Pokemon’ (it can punch holes through boulders with its horn) and looks like a sort of prehistoric unicorn bear-lizard. Very cool.

It has huge attack and defense stats plus the Rock Head ability that makes recoil moves super effective.

Rhydon base stats (Fire Red/Leaf Green)

Rhydon’s base stat total is 485:

  • HP: 105
  • Attack: 130
  • Defense: 120
  • Sp. Attack: 45
  • Sp. Defense: 45
  • Speed: 40

With beneficial nature plus EVs and IVs, Rhydon’s max base stat total at level 100 is 1790.

Best Rhydon Fire Red/Leaf Green moveset

Rhydon is a dual Ground/Rock type which means Earthquake benefits from STAB. With 100 accuracy and 100 power coupled with Rhydon’s 130 attack stat, Earthquake will win you plenty of battles.

Double-Edge is another no-brainer for Rhydon as its Rock Head ability means it takes no damage and its hidden ability, Reckless, means moves causing recoil are powered up.

STAB Rock Slide is a useful move for Rhydon that can be learned via breeding (it’s the strongest Rock type move).

We would round off the moveset with another ultra powerful move like Megahorn which is super effective against Ghost and Psychic, as well as giving Rhydon something to battle a Grass type with.

What is Rhydon strong against?

Rhydon’s outrageous defense stat means it will essentially wall anything that doesn’t have a strong special attack

Even the best Electric Pokemon will do absolutely nothing to Rhydon and they will be crushed by strong Ground type moves like Earthquake. 

Rock moves are super effective against Fire, Ice, Bug, and Flying type in Fire Red, so Pokemon of those types will also really struggle against Rhydon.

What is Rhydon weak against?

While Rhydon has a super high attack stat, it does have comparatively low speed, even when compared to other Ground/Rock type Pokemon

That leaves it vulnerable to fast Pokemon, especially if they have a high special attack stat and strong special moves as Rhydon’s special defense is also poor. 

The main disadvantage for Rhydon is its x4 weakness versus Water and Grass type opponents.

Where to find Rhydon in Fire Red/Leaf Green

To get a Rhydon in Fire Red or Leaf Green you will need to catch a Rhyhorn and evolve it into Rhydon (at level 42). 

Rhyhorns can be found in the Safari Zone in Fuschia City.

We also included Rhydon in our list of the best Rock Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green.


Screenshot of Graveler evolving into Golem Pokemon Fire Red

Golem is the ‘Megaton Pokemon’. Few Pokemon in the game have a higher defense stat than Golem and fewer still have as high a attack stat close to Golem’s chunky 120

Golem has the Rock Head ability and cannot be one hit KO’d thanks to its Sturdy ability.

Golem base stats (Fire Red/Leaf Green)

Golem’s base stat total is 495:

  • HP: 80
  • Attack: 120
  • Defense: 130
  • Sp. Attack: 55
  • Sp. Defense: 65
  • Speed: 45

With beneficial nature plus EVs and IVs, Golem’s max base stat total at level 100 is 1817.

Best Golem Fire Red/Leaf Green moveset

Many of the moves that work well for Rhydon also work well as part of an effective Golem moveset (they’re both dual Ground/Rock types and are both also included in our article on the best Rock type Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green).

Earthquake and Rock Slide with STAB benefits are therefore must-haves. Double Edge is also an effective move for a Golem with the Rock Head ability that means no recoil damage is suffered. 

Golem can learn Explosion from a Move Tutor at Mt Ember in Fire/Leaf Green which will cause Golem to self-destruct while also dealing 250 damage.

Explosion is a great weapon to use against opponents that Golem is otherwise weak against (especially given that Golem’s Sturdy ability means it won’t suffer a one hit KO).

What is Golem strong against?

Normal types are not particularly effective against Golem thanks to its outrageous defense stat, so any Pokemon with low special attack will not be useful against it.

It is slightly weaker than Rhydon and with a lower HP, but Golem does have access to a relatively wide move pool. Moves like Explosion, for example, deal incredible damage. 

What is Golem weak against?

Golem has a better special defense stat than Rhydon, but it’s still not great so special sweepers will still be quite effective against Golem (especially when you also take into account the low speed stat). 

Strong special moves with STAB used by Grass and Water types are very bad news for Golem (like Rhydon, Golem suffers from a x4 weakness against these types). 

How to catch Golem in Fire Red/Leaf Green

Golem evolves from Graveler, which itself evolves from Geodude. You can find Geodude very early on in the game (for example in Mt Moon). So far, so good.

However, Graveler will not evolve into Golem through leveling up alone. Instead, just like with Kadabra/Alakazam, you will have to trade Graveler in order for it to evolve into Golem.  

We also included Golem in our list of the best Rock Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green.


Screenshot of Marowak battle in Pokemon Fire Red for GBA

Once Cubone overcomes the sadness of losing its mother, it evolves into the fearsome bone wielding Marowak. It is known as the ‘Bone Keeper’ Pokemon. 

Marowak is decent enough as it is but it’s pretty important that you grind away until you find one holding a Thick Club. That’s because Thick Club doubles Marowak’s attack stat.

Marowak base stats (Fire Red/Leaf Green)

Marowak’s base stat total is 425:

  • HP: 60
  • Attack: 80
  • Defense: 110
  • Sp. Attack: 50
  • Sp. Defense: 80
  • Speed: 45

With beneficial nature plus EVs and IVs, Marowak’s max base stat total at level 100 is 1667.

Best Marowak Fire Red/Leaf Green moveset

For a single type Pokemon, Marowak still has access to a good variety of different moves. 

There isn’t much benefit in trying to improve Marowak’s low speed stat and its Defense stat is handy so we recommend going all out attack (this strategy is even more of a no brainer if your Marowak holds a Thick Club). 

Bonemerang is a Physical Ground move that can only be used by Cubone and Marowak. It deals two blows, each of which can be critical. 

When holding a Thick Club, Marowak can deal immense damage using STAB boosted Bonemerang.

Double Edge is a good choice for Marowak because it has the Rock Head ability (making it immune to recoil damage). 

You might also consider including Swords Dance in your moveset to further increase Marowak’s attack stat.

Flamethrower will provide Marowak with some handy cover against Grass and Ice (which Marowak is weak against) plus, Bug and Steel.

What is Marowak strong against?

Marowak is one of, if not the hardest hitting Pokemon in Fire Red/Leaf Green. If you can find one holding a Thick Club, it probably is the most powerful Pokemon you can use.

Its potentially incredible attack makes it a good option against Rock Pokemon with huge defense stats that can otherwise be difficult to grind down. 

Ground types like Marowak are also naturally effective against Rock Pokemon. Ground type Pokemon are the best counter for Electric, and they are also super effective against Poison, Fire and Steel.

What is Marowak weak against?

Marowak is slow with a speed stat of only 45. That leaves it vulnerable to quick Pokemon with high special attack stats.

Marowak is naturally weak against Water, Grass and Ice type Pokemon. 

Where to find Marowak in Fire Red/Leaf Green

The easiest way to obtain a Marowak is to catch a Cubone and evolve it (from level 28) into Marowak. You can find Cubone in the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. 

If you have all 8 gym badges plus SURF, you can also easily find Marowak in the wild in the Victory Road cave. 


Screenshot of Dugtrio pokedex entry in Pokemon Fire Red for GBA

Dugtrio is the ‘Mole Pokemon’ and I wish I still had my 1st edition Dark Dugtrio card (which was my pride and joy as a kid). 

It’s also a very good Ground type Pokemon to use in Fire Red/Leaf Green, thanks mostly to its enormous speed stat and solid attack.

Dugtrio base stats (Fire Red/Leaf Green)

Dugtrio’s base stat total is 425:

  • HP: 35
  • Attack: 100
  • Defense: 50
  • Sp. Attack: 50
  • Sp. Defense: 70
  • Speed: 120

With beneficial nature plus EVs and IVs, Dugtrio’s max base stat total at level 100 is 1627.

Best Dugtrio Fire Red/Leaf Green moveset

The best course of action for Dugtrio is to put together a moveset that best utilizes its crazy high speed stat.

Dugtrio will generally move first so get in there with a STAB boosted Earthquake to deal some big damage (even with Dugtrios relatively low strength).

Tri Attack is a Physical category move in Fire Red/Leaf Green and so it remains a viable choice for Dugtrio.

Moves like Sludge Bomb or Aerial Ace (which never misses) would give Dugtrio some more coverage against Grass types.

Alternatively, you could complete the moveset with Facade which is doubly effective if Dugtrio becomes burned, poisoned or paralyzed.

What is Dugtrio strong against?

Dugtrio has good base attack stats and an excellent speed stat so it can be a very useful team member against slower Pokemon with relatively low defense

Dugtrio’s Ground type moves are super effective against Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock and Steel.

It is immune to Electric type moves (making it a great Pokemon to use in the Vermilion City Gym against Lt. Surge).

What is Dugtrio weak against?

Water, Grass and Ice type Pokemon are super effective against Dugtrio.

Any strong Pokemon that also has good defense stats (like some of the best Rock type Pokemon) will do well against Dugtrio if they can withstand the initial hit and then take advantage of Dugtrio’s low HP and defense stat.

Where to find Dugtrio in Fire Red/Leaf Green

Both Diglett and Dugtrio can be found in Diglett’s cave just to the right of Vermillion City.

The best Ground Pokemon: Fire Red/Leaf Green – Conclusion 

The best Rock Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen are:

  • Nidoking
  • Rhydon
  • Golem
  • Marowak
  • Dugtrio

Nidoking is an excellent all rounder with useful abilities and access to a huge pool of big hitting moves. You’ll definitely find value in all of the options explored above, though.

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